In certain situations, admin users would like to restrict the users to make any changes on the Kendis board if they haven't set up the personal profile ALM for their teams' agile tool.

Who can activate this setting?

Users with the "Board Admin" rights and super users have the option to access the Board Settings.

How to enable this setting?

Follow these steps

  • Go to the "Board Settings"

  • Click on "Edit Board Settings"

  • Click on the "Details" tab

  • Click on the checkbox to enable this setting

For Jira Board

For AzureDevOps/TFS Board

How it will work?

Once this setting is turned on by the board admin, any user who comes to the board and doesn't have the personal profile ALM will not be able to edit anything on the board. Once users set up their profile ALM for this board, the board will automatically be available for them for edit.

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