Kendis offers the option to automatically assign the new users the groups that they have in their identity provider, e.g., AzureAD, OKTA, or any other SAML-based IDP.

Set up SAML Group ID in Kendis?

Follow these steps to configure the settings for the groups

  • Create one or more Kendis groups in Kendis (Super admins can create the group by going to settings)

  • On the group creation screen, type the name of the group

  • In the "External Group" reference field, provide the relevant group name that will come as SAML response.

  • In the case of OKTA, it can be an OKTA group name.

  • SPECIAL CASE: In the case of AzureAD, it must be a group "Object ID" reference.

Example of AzureAD Group Object ID

How it will work?

Once the SAML configuration is working properly and the user logs in at Kendis through SAML,

  • Kendis will check the groups' references sent in the SAML response.

  • Kendis will match the group name or ID in the SAML response with the "External Group Object" value in Kendis groups.

  • If the value matches, Kendis will automatically add the user to this group.

  • If the group is assigned to the "Board Collections" with a particular role then the user will get those roles automatically.

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