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How to use Solution Board?

Solution board for managing dependencies for multiple PI boards

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Solution board is the new Multi-Agile Release Train view that helps organizations in their scaling agile journey.

Kendis Solution Board is currently in the "Beta" phase and is rolled out to our customers on Private and Premium Cloud, as well as Enterprise Pro customers.

What functionalities does it offer in this release?

  • Ability to Create a Solution Board from existing PI Boards

  • Provide the "Label" and Color of the Board when selecting it. This will help in the visualization of the boards

  • There are 2 modes "By Portfolio Epic" and "By Feature View"

By Portfolio View

  • The default mode is currently set to this view

  • Each PI Board is shown with its own sprints

  • There are no TEAMs swimlanes shown in each board

  • You can get your Portfolio Epics that are linked to your features using filter/JQL

  • It's a similar experience to the PI board when you get features and stories (But this time you should have only Portfolio Epics/Themes in your filter) and based on the link type, Kendis will fetch its child items (features)

  • If the features in the Epics match with the features on the board, you will see Epic cards and corresponding features on the right-hand side of the board

  • The placement of the features and Epics are based on the "Phoenix Mode" of the Features at the PI Board

a) Why do I see "Features without Parent Epic" Cards?

In each sprint, Kendis places all the features that have no matching Portfolio-Epics under this placeholder card. If you click on the count, you can view the relevant features.

To set the parent of a feature, check the details in the next section (b).

b) How to change the parent epic of a feature?

  • Open the feature detail view by clicking on the 3 dots menu option on the feature card.

  • Click on a pencil icon shown next to the parent epic

  • Search the different Epic

  • Select the link type from the list

  • And click on the Save icon

  • The parent of the feature will be changed and the feature card will now appear under the updated portfolio Epic.

Portfolio Epic is just a label, you can use any item type in Jira as "Portfolio Epic".

Note: You can only change the parent of your features, meaning, you need to open the feature detail view and edit the "Portfolio Epic" link as shown below.

By Feature View

  • In this view, you will only view the features from each program board

  • You will see the sprints of each program board

  • Features are placed on the "Phoenix Sprint" of their PI boards


  • You can create dependencies between features and Epics by clicking on the dependencies red icon on the top right corner of each card

  • There is no "drag n drop" to create the dependencies

  • On the dependencies view, you can select the target, feature/epic
    - Summary
    - Rich text description
    - Due Date
    - Responsible

  • Dependencies can also be viewed in the list view by clicking on the "More" at the top right corner

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