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Confidence Vote for the PI Planning - Setup and Participation Guide
Confidence Vote for the PI Planning - Setup and Participation Guide

Setup the confidence voting session for your PI Planning using Jira/AzureDevOps and invite team members to participate

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Confidence Vote is done in the Program Increment (PI) Planning session that aims to assess how confident the teams are in delivering progress during the PI.

Creating your First Confidence Vote Session

The confidence vote can only be created by the Super Admin or a user with Board Admin rights.

You can have a Confidence Vote on any of the three types mentioned below:

  • PI + Team: Voting for the entire PI and all the teams involved.

  • PI Only: Voting only for how the Program Increment went.

  • Teams Only: Voting only for how the teams performed in the Program Increment.

Once you have selected an option, you will then select the teams that will be allowed to participate. When you are selecting the PI + Team or Teams option, you will be displayed with a check box that says “Only allow voting on specific teams”. This will enable you to create a separate URL for your selected team(s) that can be shared with the team members that are not a part of Kendis.

Set the Time and Date

The duration of the session can only be set in minutes along with a date for when you would like to commence the Confidence Vote session.

Settings for Displaying the Results

With the time, date, and teams set, you can now select how the results for the votes shall be handled.

By default, only the Super Admin or the user with the Admin rights can view the results and the individuals that voted.

But after selecting the option “Enable participants to view the results”, team members who do not have admin rights can view the results of the session. Similarly, if the option “Show who voted for each option” is selected, then users without admin rights can also see which team member voted for what.

The results for the Confidence Vote can also be sent to the team member’s email that is a part of Kendis or outside of it.

Starting the Confidence Vote Session

Before starting your Confidence Vote, you need to save all of your settings. Once your settings are saved, you can now commence the Confidence Vote session.

All the members of the teams that are part of Kendis will have the option to vote.

How to Vote?

A button shall be visible on the top, next to the Board View Selector that will show that the voting is in progress. When that is clicked the screen for voting shall be displayed. You can select from the following five options.

You can also change your vote as long as the session is in progress. Once the time ends, you will not be able to edit your vote.

Viewing the Results of the Confidence Vote Session

Once the session is over, the results for the confidence vote can be viewed. If the option for “Enable participants to view the results” or “Show who voted for each option” is checked, then the users other than the Super Admin or a member with Admin rights can view the result and who voted. But if these options are not checked then only the super admin or admin can view the results.

A detailed breakdown of the results

Click on the results icon and a complete breakdown will be shown.

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