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Inspect & Adapt Setup and User Guide
Inspect & Adapt Setup and User Guide

What is Inspect & Adapt, how to setup and what kind of matrix and reports are available at Kendis

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In this article, we will explain how to draw maximum value out of the Inspect and Adapt module by:

  • Setting up your I&A session

  • Using Program Performance Report

  • Using Program Delivery Report

  • Using Program Predictability Matrix

  • Using Program Performance Measurements

Let’s have a section-by-section walkthrough of the Kendis Inspect & Adapt module:

Setup Details

This is where you set up the criterion for your Inspect & Adapt session.

Determine the:

  • Date and time for the session. The minimum allowed window of time for an I&A session is 45 minutes long.

  • Your current Board is already selected for the session. To facilitate adding more Program Boards: you have the provision to select a Board; add a prefix for a shortened name of the Board; pick the colour you want to represent this Board’s data. Click Add Board to save this selection.
    Repeat this for as many PI Boards as you want to be added to your I&A session.

  • Using the dropdown menu select the metrics you want to filter your Program Performance Measurement, you will see all the "Card Types" in the drop down. Select one, or select all, you have the power to do that with a couple of clicks.

  • Make sure you save all the changes before you exit the view.

Program Performance Report

This section of the I&A module documents and tracks the team performance against the Objectives.

The progress tracking is measured against any of the following five metrics which you can choose to filter your team’s objectives completion percentage at the current Board.

  1. Linked Items Status

  2. Children of Linked Items (Stories) – Status: This is the default option

  3. Children of Linked Items (Stories) – Estimate

  4. Team Stories – Status

  5. Team Stories – Estimate

You can access more information about tracking the Objectives completion here.

Program Delivery Report

This dashboard of the I&A module focuses on tracking, monitoring, and reporting the delivery status of the Program deliverables.

Further details about this section

State summary

  • A unique graph to represent each of the following: Feature completion; story completion; and story point completion, against the status states: To Do, In Progress, and Done.

Scope Variations Introduced at the Board (after the Planning Stage)

  • Individually identifiable and trackable Feature/Story/Story Points Scope Changes introduced throughout the PI

  • A clickable, detailed breakdown of Feature Delivery Variations caused after the Planning stage

  • A clickable, detailed breakdown of Sprint Planning Variations (documenting the stories which changed their sprints) caused after the Planning stage

Individual Progress Chart for Each Team

  • A clickable detailed breakdown of each team’s progress in terms of its Feature completion. It provides progress data of each team’s all features, against the sprints and state of each.

  • You can also track each team’s progress in terms of its Stories, and Story Points completion against the same variables: sprints, states, and estimated story points.

Dependency Tracking

  • Find the graphical and tabulated data for the following:

Program Predicability Matrix

In this section of the Kendis Inspect and Adapt module you can keep track of the comparative variables across all the Boards you had selected while setting up your Inspect and Adapt session parameters.

Using the purpose-built Kendis I&A algorithm, this section empowers the stakeholders to evaluate what Objectives are most contributive to the business value of the next PI.

Key Points

  • Each Objective’s percentage completion, as identified in the planning & tracking and objectives completion percentage guide, is measured across each selected Board
    (Actual BV) / (Planned BV) * 100

  • Program ART Objective percentage completion is measured by using average actual value and average planned value.

  • Kendis I&A algorithm predicts the percentage value for each Objective completion in the next PI

  • Each individual Objective is separately tracked against the Program Objective completion value, providing you razor-sharp focus into the individual relationship of each Objective to Program ART.

Program Performance Measurement

You get the summary of your Program Increment’s performance by evaluating the following performance factors against each selected Board:

  • Number of Features Planned

  • Number of Features Accepted

  • Number of Stories Planned

  • Number of Stories Accepted

  • Number of Dependencies Resolved

  • Number of Dependencies Raised

Kendis I&A algorithm also calculates the Predicted Value for the next PI against each of these performance factors.

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