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How to Update Kendis Linux Build
How to Update Kendis Linux Build

Instructions to update Kendis Linux

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To update your existing Kendis build, follow these instructions

Check your current app version

Type <your-kendis-url>/app/version and it will show you something like this

7d1d83168a46c99940020e0c71f061eca8306ea6 : 202007-3.2.1-pp

To check the latest releases and their build numbers go to Release Notes Section

Backup and Latest Build Download

  • Take the backup of your existing Linux installation folder (Make sure you have copied this folder to some other location)

  • Download Kendis Linux-compatible binaries from this link.

Steps to Update

To update your Kendis Linux build, extract the folder with tar -xvf command and overwrite the contents on your existing directory. By using this command, when you overwrite, only the relevant binaries will be updated, and your existing data will remain as-is.


Suppose your current Kendis installation folder is installed in this location


To update, change the volume to /var/server/

Run this command.

> /var/server/ > tar -xvf kendis-server-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

Restart Server

Once the update process is completed, restart your Kendis server with the same command you started earlier.

Once it's completed, your Kendis build will be updated successfully. After installation, make sure you check the new app version by going to <your-kendis-url>/app/version

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