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Compare Jira Sprint Contents with Kendis

Compare the items that are in Jira sprint but not in Kendis or vice versa

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Stories at Kendis boards are the ones that are linked to the features. In case, stories don't have their relevant Feature/Epic on Kendis board or they are not linked then stories won't appear on Kendis board sprint.

This often leads to a situation where sprint load (sum of story points) is different in Jira and Kendis.

With Compare Jira sprint option, Kendis will show you the contents that are both in Kendis and Jira sprint and the ones that are only in Kendis or only in Jira sprint. This way it would be easier to identify the gaps.

To run the comparison follow these steps

  • Go to a team area

  • Click on the 3 dots next to the sprint name

  • Select option "Compare Jira Sprint"

  • It will take few seconds to compare both Kendis and Jira sprints and results will be visible.

In this example, there is one story MARS-15, which is in Jira sprint but at Kendis.

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