How to Update Jira Sprint Status
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Kendis caches the Jira sprint status for all the sprints that are mapped on your board. Changes in Jira status are automatically updated at Kendis if your webhook is configured properly. In case you don't see the sprint status getting updated at Kendis, you may follow these steps to update the sprint status at Kendis from Jira.

  • "Update Jira Sprint Status" option is available under the menu icon at Sprint heading

  • This option is available at program board and also in the team area

  • When you select this option at the program board, then Jira sprint statuses will be updated for all the teams for the selected sprint.

  • To update a single sprint status, go to the team area and then select this option.

Note: This action doesn't change anything in Jira, it fetches the latest Jira sprint status and updates at Kendis.

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