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Configuration and Settings for Scrum of Scrums
Configuration and Settings for Scrum of Scrums

Settings and options for Scrum of Scrums

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On the new board, when you access the Scrum of Scrums section for the first time, you would be asked to set the dates, frequency, and time of each Scrum of Scrum session

Steps to configure

  • Select Start and end dates

  • Select frequency of the session is it weekly or bi-weekly.

  • On each week, which days do you want to have the session

  • Select time for each day

  • Select the "Base" timezone, each user will see the time in their local timezone but the calculation of the local time will be based on this timezone selection.

  • Virtual Call Link: You are able to define the "MS Teams", "Zoom" or any other meeting link for your Scrum of Scrums session.

  • Show upcoming sessions: When you enable this button you can see all the upcoming sessions. You have the option to cancel any session or change the room link for that specific session. It is useful in cases when the organizer is on holiday and others need to change the meeting link

Teams and Reminders

In this section, you can select if you would like to remind your Scrum Masters or Team representatives to update the highlights, impediments, and action points before the start of the call.

This comes in handy as RTEs don't need to chase the team members to get ready for their updates. The settings are configurable

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