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PAT Setup for Users (Personal Profile ALM)
PAT Setup for Users (Personal Profile ALM)

Instructions to setup PAT (Personal Access Token) as a user for your Azure DevOps

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This article will guide you through how to set up your PAT (Personal Access Token) at your profile ALM for Azure DevOps in Kendis.

Step-by-Step Video Guide

This video shows all the steps that you need to take.

In the following sections, the steps are explained in more detail.

Why do you need to set up PAT?

Kendis uses Personal Access Token to connect to Azure DevOps. Your admin does a main connection, and it's called ALM Connection (Agile Lifecycle Management).

Users must set up their Personal Access Tokens on their Kendis profile. It will ensure that any changes made at Kendis will be reflected in AzureDevOps as that individual user. Otherwise, all actions performed at Kendis, like edit/delete, will be shown in AzureDevOps as done by user setup in the ALM account.

1) How to create a PAT in Azure DevOps

Follow these steps to create your PAT in Azure DevOps.

  • Login at your Azure DevOps

  • Click on the user icon at the top right corner and select the option "Personal Access Token"

  • Create a new Token

  • Make sure you select an expiration date of 12 months

  • Select "Custom" Permissions for your Token

  • Make sure the following 5 permissions are selected for your token

    • Member Entitlement Management (Read)

    • Project and Team (Read, write, & manage)

    • Token Administration (Read & manage)

    • Tokens (Read & manage)

    • Work Items (Read, write, & manage)

  • Copy the token and go back to Kendis.

2) Add PAT to Kendis

There are 2 ways to access the section at your user profile to add the Personal Access Token to Kendis.

2.1) Profile ALM missing warning

You may see a warning that your personal profile ALM token is not present, you can click on the "Go to Profile" link and provide the token that you created in step-1

2.2) Access through Profile

  • Click on the profile at the left navigation bar

  • Click on the "ALM Credentials"

  • Paste the Personal Access Token that you created in step-1

  • Ensure the Test Connection is successful

  • SAVE

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