How to use Objectives for Program Board

Step by step guide on using extendec capabilities for Objectives

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Objectives are a great way to engage teams and stakeholders to set goals. Objectives in Kendis provide unique capabilities with automated progress tracking, eliminating the need for manual updates.

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Fields for Objectives

Objectives have the following general purpose fields.

Field Name


Additional Details


Provide the summary of the Objective.

Max Lenght: 750 characters


Set the status of the Objectives.

You may modify the default workflow. Workflow configuration is available under "Settings" on the left navigation bar.


Set a responsible (assignee)

May also select Non-Kendis users as OKR responsible. However, they will not be able to access or view the Objectives.


Describe your Objective and it's goal in detail.

Rich Text Field


Comment, tag, and capture updates about the Objective

Email notifications will be sent to the tagged users.


All the actions performed by users are logged into the history

Example of an Objective View

Advanced Fields

a) Objective Groups

An Objective Group represents a section under which Objectives are created. There are two types of Objectives Groups.

  • Team Objectives Group

  • Custom Objectives Group

"Objectives Group" is a special field that is beneficial to share an Objective with multiple Teams or Group objectives. Select the Group title from the list, and the Objective will appear in both areas.

b) Type

The type has two options

  • Committed

  • Uncommitted

The selection allows you to change an objective from committed to uncommitted.

c) Start and End Date

These dates are only visible in the details section. These are optional fields.

Linked Items

It is an import section, and you may link features and stories to the Objectives to track the progress automatically. It is better to link a Feature/Epic (Jira) as you can view the linked stories and the incremental progress of the Objectives completion once the teams complete the stories.

Objectives Completion Tracking

The Objectives completion is covered in this article.

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