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[July-2023 Release] New Objectives with OKR style
[July-2023 Release] New Objectives with OKR style

Release Date: 24 July 2023

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This release introduces several improvements and new capabilities for the Objectives area at your Kendis Boards.

Watch this video to get an overview of creating Objectives with more details.

New Fields for Objectives

Objectives now offer more details, and here is the list of new fields for Objectives.

  • Title (Summary text field)

  • Status

  • Responsible (Assignee)

  • Description (Rich Text Field)

  • Conversations

  • History

Linking Items

The linking experience remains the same as before, and you can search and link cards to your Objectives.

Advanced Fields

a) Objective Groups

An Objective Group represents a section under which Objectives are created. There are two types of Objectives Groups.

  • Team Objectives Group

  • Custom Objectives Group

"Objectives Group" is a special field that is beneficial to share an Objective with multiple Teams or Group objectives. Select the Group title from the list, and the Objective will appear in both areas.

b) Type

The type has two options

  • Committed

  • Uncommitted

The selection allows you to change an objective from committed to uncommitted.

c) Start and End Date

These dates are only visible in the details section. These are optional fields.

OKR (Objective Key Results)

Kendis supports extended capabilities of Objectives with Key Results.

Under settings, OKRs can be enabled on your Kendis board. You may disable the OKR style at any point if the simpler Objective with the items linking is your preferred choice.

Watch this video for more details about Objectives and Key Results.

Enterprise Platform

Kendis has recently introduced many new capabilities in the Enterprise Platform package. You may talk to your Kendis Customer Success Manager or support team to enable access to your organization.

  • Organizational views

  • Multi-level Backlog with Longer Timeline Views

  • Kanban Boards

  • Product Visualizations with Batches

  • OKRs

  • Lean Business Cases

  • Dashboards and more

Book time to talk to our team about these new capabilities:

Kendis Self-hosted (On-Prem) Release

An updated version is available at

Build Version: 0598574d51a615232bbb11182730218d9a84f65f

Version: 202007-

For any questions, reach out to us at

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