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[January-2022 Release]: Status Change Category for Jira and other enhancements
[January-2022 Release]: Status Change Category for Jira and other enhancements

Release Date: 13 January 2022

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Kendis cloud is updated with a minor release update.

Following are the enhancements and updates released today:

  • Jira Meta: To view and update Jira information cached at Kendis for your boards, e.g., Statuses, Link types.

  • Ability to change status category at Kendis for Jira statuses (More Details)

  • Support for NextGen (Team Managed Jira projects) story points fields

  • Fixes for "Compare Sprint", previously weren't working properly in the case of Shared Sprint, and also "sub-tasks" were not excluded from the comparison.

  • Dependency arrow direction for AzureDevOps only dependencies

  • Ability to add a filter to Kendis board with no contents

  • General bug fixing and improvements.

Jira Meta and How to Update It

There is a new tab at "Edit Board Settings" named "Jira Meta", here you are able to view all your Jira fields, statuses, and link types. There is an option to refresh any of the information from Jira. It's particularly useful in case you have added a new Jira link type and it's not appearing on your board.

This view is designed to provide a single place and single-click updates to resolve any gaps between Kendis and Jira information.

Team Managed Projects (Formerly NextGen Projects) Story Points Field

When Jira made a release for NextGen projects now known as "Team Managed Projects" they introduced a separate story points field. Although the field name is "Story Points" in both cases for Team managed projects and classic Jira projects, however, the actual field is different.

In situations where some teams are using Classic Jira projects (Company Managed) and others using NextGen Projects (Team Managed), there was a challenge with the story points field at Kendis boards. Kendis had a single "Estimate" or story points field and you could only map to one Jira field.

With this release update, Kendis has introduced a second field. You are now able to select the Team Managed/NextGen story points field as well. This setting is done at ALM Accounts. If you are an existing customer, you may go to your ALM Account Settings, edit it and change the story points field.

At Kendis boards, you will only have the "Estimate" field, and based on the project types, the Kendis system will automatically pick the correct story points field, so the experience for end-users who are updating user stories, etc. will be seamless.

If you are not using NextGen projects then you don't need to make any changes in your ALM settings.

Upcoming Release

Kendis teams have been working on improving the experience for tracking dependencies. There is a major upgrade planned for dependencies management at Kendis during February 2022. Here is the screenshot of upcoming release changes.

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