By default, there are three roles. Admin, User, Read-Only. In Kendis, Admin can create custom roles too.

How to Create a User Role?

Note: Only the Super Admin can create roles

Follow these steps to create a role:

1.       Click on Roles in the left side Menu.

2.       Click on Add Role

3.       A Pop Up Menu will appear

4.       Add Role Title

5.       Select the Permissions your new role will possess

6.       Click Save

Your Custom Role is created.

Where to Use a Role?

Roles can be used in boards and workspaces.

Types of User Roles?

A role helps to handle access rights and permissions effortlessly. These roles are provided to define the structure of your organization within Kendis. The rights can be managed at a user and a group level.

Permissions are divided into the following four roles.

a. Super Admin

Creates your organization on Kendis and Possess all the rights to add or edit users, create roles and workspaces. The super admin also handles ALM connect. 

b. Admin

An Admin can create, edit and delete a session, item, and sub-item. Import and Export rights are also given to the user. 

c. User 

A User is able to add or edit work items and sub-items. Import and export options are available for this role.

d. Read-Only

User can only access and view contents but not allowed to make any changes.

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