Resync board is a powerful operation and needs to be used carefully.
Following are the situations when the Resync Board should be used

  • If items at the Kendis board are out of sync with Jira
  • If Jira workflow statuses are changed.

There is also the option to resync individual items, it is recommended to use the individual resync item option if you just see some updates needed to a particular card, e.g., not all stories under a specific feature are visible at Kendis.

Pre Steps

It's best practice to take a backup of your dependencies and objectives

  • To take a backup of dependencies, click on the "More" at the board and select "Dependencies"
  • At the top right corner, you would see a download icon
  • Export the dependencies in Excel or CSV format
  • Repeat the same steps for the Objectives
  • Additionally, there is an "Export Board" option available at the "Settings" button. You can take the whole board export as CSV or Excel if want to.

What happens in Resync

Kendis will resync all the items from Jira to Kendis. Main impacts are

  • Filters/JQL items will be compared, if the filter contents have changed at Jira, Kendis will remove those features from Kendis as well, so this needs to be carefully analyzed manually.
  • Each feature/epic at Kendis board will be refresh and all it's children items are fetched and analyzed.
  •  All item's status, story points, title, and sprints are adjusted based on the latest information from Jira.
  • If the feature is removed due to the reason that it was not in the filter anymore, then the related dependencies and objectives will not be visible at the Kendis board as well after the resync.

How to do Resync Board

  • Click on the "Settings" button at the board (top right corner)
  • Select the option "Resync Board"
  • Accept the confirmation dialogue and resync operation will start
  • Wait 1-3 minutes depending on the size of your board.
  • One resync is done, your board will refresh and you see the changes

Resync Individual Cards

Resync board is a bulk operation, however, Kendis provides more granular control to resync individual features or even the sprints.
This is recommended if you are just facing minor differences between items at Kendis board and in Jira, e.g., not all the stories under feature is visible.

How to Resync Individual Cards

  • To resync individual card, press on the resync icon next to the card ID field
  • To resync, all the features belong to a particular sprint, click on the resync icon at the sprint. Kendis will look at the features that are in this particular cell and update them from Jira. 

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