How to use Add/Remove Features

What happens when you click on the Add/Remove features option

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Kendis boards are built with the main principle that "Features/Epics" are pulled from Jira using filter/JQL and the linked stories to these features will be fetched automatically.

Although Kendis has 2-way sync with Jira, however, by design any changes in the filter/JQL are not reflected in Kendis until you perform an explicit add/remove features operation from "Board Settings". This is done to ensure there is a controlled way to add or remove features from your board.

Once you select the Add/Remove Features option, Kendis will show the dialogue with the filters on your board and a dropdown of the user who added this filter. It is recommended to keep the default selection as-is unless you have strong reason to select a different user, e.g., the user who added the filter is not working with this team or have moved on.

Click on the "Continue" and Kendis will start performing the comparison and check the contents of your filters/JQL from Jira and will show you the list of the features that are added or removed into the filter/JQL

A screen with the changes is shown.

  • Features to be added: Features that are added to the filter/JQL are by default selected (Checkboxes are selected)

  • Features to be removed: Features that are no longer in the filter/JQL are shown in the list, however, by default they are not selected

Once you proceed, the features that are selected in the list will be added/removed. This gives more granular control on what contents should be on the board.

To update the existing contents on the board, you need to select the "Resync board" operation, more details can be found in this help article.

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