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How to Integrate Kendis with Jira Server (Enterprise Network Only)
How to Integrate Kendis with Jira Server (Enterprise Network Only)

How to establish Kendis integration with the Jira server that is behind enterprise network

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Integration with Kendis is very simple. For Kendis to Jira, we use Jira Rest API and for Jira to Kendis updates, you would need to setup webhook at Jira. In next sections we will explain these steps in detail, it's super fast to establish the connection.

Important: In this article we assume that your Jira server is not accessible via internet, meaning you have to use VPN connection or have to be behind your enterprise network to access Jira.

Kendis as Self-Hosted Setup

You have to install Kendis in your local enterprise network in order to establish connection to Jira. Self hosting details are available at this help link.

Kendis is available as

Once your installation at Kendis is ready you can proceed to next steps.

How to Create Connection

In Kendis, connection to Jira is called "ALM Account", ALM stands for "Agile Lifecycle Management".  To establish connection, you have 2 options

  • Create Board Flow: When you start creating a new board, Kendis will ask you to create a new ALM account or use existing

  • From Settings: Go to Settings on the left navigation and select "ALM Accounts" 

Integrate Kendis to Jira Server (Accessible via Internet)

To establish a connection from Kendis to Jira Server, provide these details.

  • Account Name: This is to identify and remember the connection details. Type any string value like "JIRA-Connection-A"

  • URL: Type the url for your JIRA instance, e.g., https://examplesite.yournetwork.url

  • Username: Type the username that you use to login to JIRA. This user must have rights to access the API at JIRA.

  • API Key/Password: For Jira server users, you must use your password.  

Example ALM Account Screen at Kendis

Webhook Configuration at Jira

Webhook configuration is required to send updates made at Jira to Kendis, e.g., whenever some one updates status of the user story, it will be updated automatically at Kendis.

Once the webhook is created, you will have real-time Kendis boards, that sends any updates made at Kendis to Jira instanatly and vice versa.

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