How to Get Features (Epics) from Jira?

Get features, epics and related stories from Jira into Kendis

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At Kendis, getting your features or Epics or any other item type that you use as "Parent" is simple. 

Main concept: Kendis boards have "Parent" cards and linked "children". 

What type of items I can get at Kendis?

Kendis has no restrictions on the item types, all your item types can be visible at the Kendis board. e.g., for parent types, you can use Jira Epics, custom types, like features, or any other item type.

How to get Parent Items (Features) at Kendis?

To get multiple parent cards at Kendis board, there are 2 options

  • Using Jira Filters:
    Include all your "Parent" item types, in the filter, e.g., if you are using Epics as parents and want to get them at Kendis, then only include "Epics" into the filters.
    NOTE: Don't include user stories into the filter.

  • Using JQL:
    At Kendis, can copy/paste JQL to get the parent items. Again, please make sure, you don't include child items into the JQL, it has to be only parent item type, e.g., Epics.

These options are available at "Settings --> Edit Board Settings --> Contents from Jira"
Additionally, when the board is empty, you see a button on the left panel "Get Features from Jira" and if you click, it opens the same settings dialogue.

Detailed Steps 

To get the features there are 3 steps you need to do

  1. Item Type:
    At Kendis you can create different card types, e.g., Features, Enablers, etc. At the time of getting parent cards, you can set the card type, so e.g., if you are getting all your enablers in one filter, then you can select the enabler as the card type. Once the board is populated with these parent items, all the cards that belong to this filter will have card type as "Enabler".

  2. Filter/JQL:
    Use filter or JQL with the parent items, e.g., Epics only

  3. Children Link type
    Kendis will fetch all the linked children to the parents. You can define, what type of linking are you using to link the parents and children in Jira.
    For example, if you are using Epics in Jira then your stories (children), will use the Epic link.
    If you are using Jira Portfolio, then your features and stories would be linked through "Parent Link".  Kendis also supports all Jira link types that you have in your Jira instance.

Example Screen of using Jira Filter

Example Screen of using JQL

Filter/Search Issue view at Jira 

Once you press Save, the items from Jira will be fetched and populated at the board.


Team Stories linked to the Epics/Features will automatically be fetched based on the link type, filer/JQL should only have the Epics/Features, as shown in the example below. Check this article related to team stories.


  • I only want to have user stories at the Kendis board, we don't use any parent link types, is it possible
    Kendis boards are 2-level boards, and you have to use parent and children. As explained above, parent can be of any type and linking to children can be Epic link, Jira links or any other type.

  • I created a filter and only see parent cards, stories are not visible
    Please make sure, you have selected the correct link type between parent and children items, e.g., if you are using Epic in Jira then you should select "Epic Link" for children items.

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