How to get Team Stories from Jira

Steps to get team stories from Jira to Kendis Board

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Team stories are automatically fetched from Jira when you get the features (Epics) from Jira and define properly the link type. article explains how to get the features.

Main concepts

  • Select features in Jira that you want for your Kendis Board, it can be for your PI or other purpose

  • Create a JQL of Jira Filter with these features (no stories)

  • Select the "Link Type", how features are linked to the stories

  • All the stories with the above specified link type will automatically be visible at Kendis.

  • If sprints are mapped at Kendis (as shown in this article) then Kendis will automatically place the stories on your Kendis board based on the stories sprints.

Teams Mapping for Kendis to Jira

Get Features/Epic from Jira

Important Points

  • If stories are not linked to the features they will not appear at Kendis.

  • If stories are already in sprint then they will be shown under the feature in the corresponding sprint at Kendis Board

  • If you drag and drop the story from backlog panel  to any team sprint at Kendis, then Kendis will update it's sprint accordingly.

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