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How to change Board State
How to change Board State

What are board states, how they help and where to change the state

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Kendis board has 4 states that enables better reporting and ability for users to view their pre planning and planning data during tracking.
Changing the state is irreversible process and it's not possible to undo this operation. Only board admins have the right to change the board states

Kendis Board States

  • Draft: Initial state when board is created

  • Planning: To reflect the start of the PI or big room planning mode

  • Tracking: Once planning done, board state should be changed to tracking. Certain reports are linked to this state, e.g., at Smart Reports, the ability to view the scope and delivery changes will be visible if board is in tracking state.

  • Close: The last state, where board will be locked and you will no longer be able to make changes

How to change the state

To change the state of the board, click on the "Edit Board Settings" option at the board and then click on the next state

To view the previous state, simply click on the state name, e.g., Planned, it will show you the board that was locked and you could visually see how the planning was done. Also, "Analytics" and dependencies would be from that state.

Comparison Reports

You can run some comparison reports to see what has been changed after the planning or between different states. Check more details at

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