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Connect to AzureDevOps with Personal Access Token (PAT)
Connect to AzureDevOps with Personal Access Token (PAT)

To connect to AzureDevOps

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Kendis works with the principle that there is a central ALM account setup while creating an Azure DevOps connected Kendis board. ALM stands for Agile Lifecycle Management Tool and covers all the tools in this domain.

Permissions for Personal Access Token (PAT)

Kendis doesn't require full permission. You should only select these 3 permissions at your token settings. If any of these rights are missing from your token, some of the functionality might not work properly for the users.

  • Work Items (Read, write, & manage)

  • Project and Team (Read, write, & manage)

  • Token Administration (Read & manage)

  • Tokens (Read & manage)

  • Member Entitlement Management (Read)

There are 2 places where the token can be set and details are explained below.

  1. Individual User Token.

  2. ALM Connect (Need at time of creating a board and to connect to AzureDevOps)

1) Individual User Token

Each individual user needs to setup their own personal access token on their profile. It will make sure that any changes made at Kendis will be reflected in AzureDevOps as that individual user. Otherwise, all actions performed at Kendis, like edit/delete will be shown in AzureDevOps as done by user setup in the ALM account (step 2) in this article.

Note: If you have used your personal access token ALM while setting up your board, you will still see this warning, once you set the Token at your individual profile the warning will go away. 

Adding Credentials at User Profile:

  • Click on the profile at the left navigation bar

  • Click on the "ALM Credentials"

  • Provide API Token  (Click here to create new token).

  • Ensure the Test Connection is successful

  • SAVE

2) ALM Connect for the Board

As a first step, create connection and provide Personal Access Token (PAT), this can be for an individual user to start with or some service account.

Create Connection to AzureDevOps (Referred as ALM Connection in Kendis)

  • Type the label (It can be just any name, like AzureConnection-ABC)

  • URL of your AzurDevOps or your TFS server. We currently support TFS 2019 and TFS 2018 versions only.

  • Personal Access Token: Create personal access token (PAT) from your account.  In case, not sure how to create a token, please follow this link

  • Test Connection and if all OK, SAVE it

How to Create Board for PI Planning

Once the integration is done, the next step is creating the program board for your distributed and big room planning. Check this step by step guide

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