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Create and Edit Risks
Create and Edit Risks

Create and edit risks and link to the items

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In this article we will cover

  • Create risk

  • Link risk to the features and stories

  • Conversation

Create a Risk

To create a risk, go to a risk register and click on the button "Add Risk"

Probability and Impact values come from the "Risk Matrix" selected at the time of creation of the risk register. 

Link to the Features and Stories

A risk can be linked to multiple items at the board that is linked to the risk register.
To link

Once you click on the + icon or click on link a new item option, a modal view will list all the features and stories from the board. Click on the checkbox next to item in the list to link to the individual risk


Kendis provides capabilities to engage other team members to track the progress and mitigation actions of an individual risk.

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