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Release Update - April 2020: ROAM Risks, improved navigation and team view
Release Update - April 2020: ROAM Risks, improved navigation and team view

Detailed releases notes for the release update: Risks, navigation, performance improvements

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Kendis latest release has gone live on April 22, 2020. With this release customers can use interactive risk management during their PIs and after it.
In this release

  1. Risks Management

  2. Navigation enhancements

  3. Updated Resync Experience for Azure Boards

  4. Search at User Directory and Boards

  5. Misc improvements

1) Risk Management

We are excited to bring a complete experience to manage risks effectively at Kendis.
With Kendis Risk Management Module you can

  • Create multiple risk registers

  • Set risk severity level, owner and target resolution dates

  • Link risks to your boards at Kendis

  • Link features and stories to the risks

  • Have conversation and tag users to track progress

  • Email notifications for the updates

More details about risk management is available at this link

Create Risk View

Risks List View

2) Navigation Improvements

With this release update, there is a consolidated view for 

  • Board View (Alicanto, Griffin, Phoenix), if you are not familiar check this article

  • Dependencies on/off toggle 

  • Board Zoom options.

  • Board states are more visible now under "Board Settings", user can see what are the previous states that are ready only and should only be used for the reference. 

3) Resync Experience at Azure Board

Resync board is an important operation, it updates the query results from AzureDevOps and then compare what is already at board. Then it shows all the new features that are added to the query or the ones which have been removed. You can select the items that you want to bring into your board. 

4) Other Improvements

Beside the features listed above, we have also rolled out following improvements 

  • Search boards 

  • Search users in the user directory

  • Set decimal point values for the story points at Jira board

Kendis Enterprise Release (For self-hosted customers)
This release is not yet available at Docker for customer using Kendis Enterprise (self-hosted version). These features were also made available for Kendis Enterprise customers on April 29, 2020, Dockerhub and other distributions were updated with the latest release. For more details on self-hosted, check this section.

Upcoming Releases

Kendis teams are working relentlessly for the improvements and new features, some of the upcoming features during May/June 2020 are 

  • Enhancements at the Dependencies management and listing

  • More reports for tracking PI progress

  • Get additional fields from Jira (e.g., component, teams, etc.) and view them at Kendis cards with the ability to filter and sort.

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