How to Test SAML Integration

Have done SAML Integration, want to test, if it works

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Once the SAML integration is done (this article explain how to setup), then the next step is to verify if it's working fine.

Follow these steps

  • Open browser in private or "Incognito Window", just to make sure you are not logged in Kendis already

  • Now go to the URL, that you use normally to login at Kendis.

  • URL should be like https://<yourcompanyprefix>

  • If your SAML is configured properly, then you should see "Login with SAML" option at Kendis login page.

  • Click on the this "Login with SAML" button

  • It will take you to the login screen of your organization

  • Authenticate yourself at your organization login page and then system will automatically redirect you back to Kendis.

  • In case of any issues, please reach out to our support team at


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