How does the Copy Board work?
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To copy an existing board with all of its configurations, follow these steps. This option will not copy any data from your board.

  • Go to the board that you want to create the copy from.

  • Now click on the "Board Settings

  • Select the "Copy Board" option

  • A new dialogue for the copy board will be shown.

  • Type the name of the new board

  • Select the destination "Board Collection", where you want to create this board.

  • Select an appropriate sprint settings option

  • There are 2 options for sprints
    1) Without Sprint Mappings
    2) With Sprint Mappings

1) Without Sprint Mappings

When you select this option, all the board configurations will be copied including team mappings, however, the value for the sprints will be set to "No Container". This way, the only thing you need to do to configure your new PI board is to set the sprints for each team.

2) With Sprint Mappings

This option will copy all the configurations and map the sprints as well. The only difference between your current board and copy board will be the contents on the board.

What happens to my other configurations?

Copy board, will copy all of the other options that you have configured including

  • Dependencies integration with Jira/AzureDevOps

  • Additional Fields settings (Jira Board)

  • Shared Sprint settings (Jira Board)

  • Projects settings (AzureDevOps)

This copy board configuration will not impact any settings or data on your current board from where you are making a copy.

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