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Start and End Sprint through Webhook (Jira)
Start and End Sprint through Webhook (Jira)
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In Jira, there is a webhook to indicate when a sprint is started or ended.

There is an option at Kendis settings to enable the "Start Sprint Tracking" and "End Sprint Tracking" through webhook notifications.

  • Go to your board and click on "Edit Board Settings" under the menu

  • Select the "Additional Settings" tab

  • Check the following 2 checkboxes

  • Once these checkboxes are clicked, the sprints on this board will start automatically when the webhook notification is received from Jira.

    Note: Self-hosted release doesn't have this configuration yet, however, if you configure the Jira webhook so that it has events selected for sprint start and end then Kendis will start and end sprint automatically. In other words, if you don't see these settings dialogue the webhook events will be processed by Kendis if they are configured at Jira for sprint start and end.

Webhook Settings for Sprint at Jira

If you would like to automate the start and end sprint tracking (Start and End Sprint options) mainly to get your "Committed Load", you would need to update your Jira webhook with these settings.

When the webhook is enabled, then you don't need to manually "Start/Stop" sprints at Kendis. In case you don't see that the sprint is started or ended at Kendis and it has already been started/ended in Jira then you should use the manual option at Kendis. Check this article for more details.

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