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How to use Kanban Boards
How to use Kanban Boards
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Kendis Kanban boards are flexible, powerful, and can be used for various purposes. In this article, we will walk you through the key functionalities of Kanban boards in Kendis.

Where do I see Kanban boards?

Kanban boards are available in a "Collection". A collection can be for your Agile Release Train, Program, Portfolio, or any other type. More about collections.

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How to Create a Kanban Board

To create a Kanban board, provide the following details


Name of your Kanban Board

Hierarchy Level

Select the Item type, e.g., Epic, Features or others


Without a backlog filter selection, you would need to add cards individually. It is better to select a filter for your Kanban board.

How to Customize Kanban Board

Kanban board has two types of Columns

Column Type



It acts as a placeholder for all the cards yet to move to the columns. It has its search and group by options. This is a default column, and it is not possible to rename it.

Kanban Board Columns

Board columns with customization options

Default Board Configuration

There are three default columns and no mapping options are selected for each. Thus, upon creating a new Kanban board, all the cards are stacked in the Backlog. To move your columns, drag them individually or map the column to a particular status.

To modify the default configuration, click the "Edit Board" option.

Example Configuration with two sub-columns

Note: The UI of this board configuration will be updated very soon. Contact for further details.

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