Kendis' new release is available with the following features and enhancements. It provides important updates to the self-hosted system area.

  • Audit Log for the resync process for Jira Boards

  • Enhancements to the System area for Enterprise Self Hosted (Important updates)

  • Enhancements and fixes for Jira Server authentication

  • Improved support for European language special characters
    Support for the European language characters including sprint and team names.

Audit Log

To provide better traceability for the important actions at the board, we have introduced "Audit Log". It's accessible under "Board Settings"

  • Date and User who performed Filter Resync, along with the complete change log in Excel Format (downloadable)

  • Date and User who removed the Filter

  • Date and User who added new Filter

System Area Enhancements for Self Hosted Version

There are a number of important changes released for the Kendis Enterprise self-hosted version for the administration area

  • You need to be "Kendis Super Admin" to be able to download the logs

  • Database Backup no longer possible from the system administration UI

  • Database restore no longer possible from the system administration UI

Follow the steps explained in this help article to manually take backup and restore if needed

Kendis Enterprise Release (For self-hosted customers)

Self-hosted Kendis Build is updated with the following version
Build Version: 13d25dc7676eefd9487d91e22811458a29d126b7

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