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Release Update: Copy Board, Risks Register improvements and SAML Groups
Release Update: Copy Board, Risks Register improvements and SAML Groups

Release notes for February 08, 2021 release

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This new release brings the following enhancements and improvements to your Kendis experience.

  • Copy Board

  • Updates in the Risk Register

  • Read-only Board Settings

  • SAML Auto User Provisioning

  • Other minor enhancements

In the following sections, each of these enhancements will be explained in detail.

1) Copy Board

Kendis now offers a simple solution to create a copy of your board configuration.

  • Go to "Board Settings and select the "Copy Board" option

  • On the copy board, provide the name of the board

  • Select the destination ("Board Collection"

  • There are 2 options to copy the board configurations
    a) Without Sprint Mappings
    b) With Sprint Mappings

a) Without Sprint Mappings

When you select this option, all the board configurations will be copied including team mappings, however, the value for the sprints will be set to "No Container". This way, the only thing you need to do to configure your new PI board is to set the sprints for each team.

b) With Sprint Mappings

This option will copy all the configurations and map the sprints as well. The only difference between your current board and copy board will be the contents on the board.

2) Updates in Risk Register

With this release, the risks view at the board is more customizable and offers an improved experience.

New Fields

Based on the customer feedback, we have added now 2 more fields to provide a better relationship between a risk and the teams. You can now set the following 2 values at the risks

  • Set impacted "Teams" for a risk

  • Set impacted "Sprints" for a risk

New functionalities at Risks at the Boards

Previously, on the board when you open risks, it wasn't possible to filter, sort or customize the columns. With this release, you can perform all these actions.

Filters for the Risks

  • Status

  • Severity

  • Responsible

  • Teams

  • Sprints

  • Text Search

Sorting Risks

It's now possible to sort risks at the board by

  • ID and Title

  • Severity

  • Status

  • Responsible

  • Target Date

  • Teams

  • Sprints

Customize Columns

To change the list of the columns shown at the risk register, click on the selection dropdown

3) Read-only Board view (Jira and Azure)

Multiple customers requested that to provide better traceability in their agile tools, they would like to restrict the users if they haven't set up their personal profile ALM.

Who can activate this setting?

Users with the "Board Admin" rights and super users have the option to access the Board Settings.

How to make the change?

Go to the Board Edit Settings and turn on this option.

Once the admin activates this option user must have to give their Alm profile mapping to unlock edit rights for the board.

4) SAML Groups & Auto Provisioning of the Users

Previously it was not possible to auto-provision the SAML groups to automate the user provisioning. If a new user would join the organization through SAML, they wouldn't get any permissions and member has to do it manually.

With this release, Kendis offers support for SAML groups for AzureAD and others.

How it will work?

When you edit a group at Kendis, type the value of the SAML group name in the External Group field. Once the user login at Kendis through SAML, Kendis will match this External Group reference with the SAML group of the users, if it matches, the user will be added to this group automatically, making it easier for the system admins to auto-provision user rights and groups based on the SAML groups.

5) Other Enhancements

There are a number of other smaller enhancements made in this release and here is the summary of the important points.

Improvements of Updates handling in the Local Browser

Sometimes the board during the PI planning session would get a bit slower due to a high number of operations being performed by the other users on the same board. Kendis has added a smart mechanism on the real-time updates on the user browser to avoid getting it overloaded. This enhancement will help users during the PI planning and their browsers will not get slower.

If Kendis detects that the user browser is getting overloaded, a small icon next to the search area at the top with the red dot will appear with a message indicating the user to "Reload the browser". After this reload, the user browser will work better and this will help users to have a better experience during their PI planning.

Live Chat & Support Tickets

There are navigation changes and now the Live Chat Support is only available on the left navigation bar.

There is an additional help icon, providing options for the users to raise a support ticket, besides the live chat.

Other Improvements

  • Addition of Shared Sprint field filters on Jira Board

  • Changes in Objectives Calculation: Now we will show the values in a 2-decimal place on hover. The same value will be exported in CSV and XLS.

  • If the additional field value is the same, it will be shown along with the project key. This will help in avoiding confusion if the Jira component or other fields are the same in multiple projects.

Kendis Enterprise Release (For self-hosted customers)

  • 15 Feb 2021: Main release update
    Self-hosted Kendis Build is updated with the following version
    Build Version: a217e59333c94f4cf768d1767153860fdf416857
    Direct download
    Linux installation

  • 18 Feb 2021: Minor release update
    - Fixes for the User field (as an additional field, causing some issues)
    Self-hosted Kendis Build is updated with the following version
    Build Version: dc1d8afdfbe96bbd9f803958b927f2ebe349442a

  • 25 Feb 2021: Minor Release Update
    - Minor bug fixes
    Self-hosted Kendis Build is updated with the following version
    Build Version: 3f73b5184956cd7d164f04d43b34ee50aa363167

Next Release

In the Kendis next release coming up in about 6 weeks, we will bring out some valuable features that will make your PI Planning and Tracking experience even better.

With the next release, you will have

  • Confidence Voting

  • Inspect & Adapt with
    - Program Predictability Matrix
    - Program Performance Measurement

  • Solution Board with multiple release trains (There is already a beta program available, in case you are interested you can contact us at

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