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How to use Timeline View
How to use Timeline View

Timeline view settings, zoom and search options

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The timeline view provides excellent visualization for features and stories. Traditional Gantt charts mandate users to manually set the start and end dates, making it a tedious process to plan and maintain.

Kendis's Timeline view is fully automated and aligned with your agile mindset. Features and stories are shown automatically based on the sprints they are planned for.

Access Timeline View

From More menu

What is shown?

Features are listed in the same order as on your board

  • Clicking on the ID will open your agile tool (Jira/Azure DevOps)

  • Clicking on the title will open Detail View

  • Sprint and Team sort stories, e.g., Sprint1 stories are shown first and then Sprint 2. Unplanned (not in any sprint) stories are at the end of the list.

  • When you mouse over a bar on the timeline view, it shows a quick item summary.

  • Dates of each card

    • Kendis will automatically set the story level start and end dates based on the sprints they are in. You can edit the details to set different start and end dates.

By Sprint or By Date View

The default view on the timeline is "By Sprint", this setting means that stories and features will be shown in their respective sprints, and the start and end date values will be ignored.

To view the data based on the custom start and end date, click on the "By Date" view. Now the bars are aligned based on the dates.

Changing the dates

Click on the bar on the timeline view to make changes. Also, it's possible to drag the bar to set a specific date.

Note: It's only possible to resize the bar from the end.

Milestones & Phases

It is possible to add milestones and phases.

+Add button on the milestone will open the modal view to create a milestone. Milestone has only one date.

From the "Type" drop-down, you may select "Phase," and in that case, you will get "Start and End Date".

It's possible to select the color of your milestone or phase.

Group by

The timeline view shows two groups by default

  • Milestones

  • Features

You may choose multiple options from the Group by drop-down.

On the Jira board, if you have enabled "Additional Fields", for example, Fix Version, Priority, Component, or others, you may use those fields to view your board data on the timeline.

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