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How to use Timeline at Org Views
How to use Timeline at Org Views

Long term Roadmap and Timeline

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The timeline in the Organizational view differs from the one at the Program Boards. The Timeline at Program Boards provides visual tracking options for a single board with more details.

The timeline at the Organization view is part of each "Collection", a user has the option to enable or disable Timeline for each collection.

How to Create a Timeline

Before you create a timeline, go to the Backlog view and create a filter with the items that you want to view in the Timeline. Timeline can be created for any Hierarchy level. In the current version of Timeline, even if you want to create a Timeline for all of your Backlog items, you still have to create a filter. The easiest option is to create a filter and select all Statuses.


Name of your Timeline

Hierarchy Level

Select the Item type, e.g., Epic, Features, or others


Without a filter selection, you would need to add cards individually. It is better to select a filter for your Timeline.

What Information is Shown on the Timeline?

The timeline has two sections.

  • List view with the item ID, Title, and a few other selected columns

  • Grid view with the bars highlighting the start and end of an item

Grid Section

1. Two Bars

  • For each item, Kendis draws two lines. The top bar is based on the "Start and End Dates". If the start and end dates are not set in Kendis or in your agile tool (Jira/Azure DevOps), then the dates from the second bar will be used.

  • The second bar is based on "Actual Planning", and in this context, it means the start and end of the features and stories planning in your Kendis Program Boards.

    • If the Features and Stories are not in one of your Program Boards, then the second bar will not appear.

2. A Single Bar

When an item has a start and end date but is not planned in any of the Kendis Program boards, you will only see one bar with pointed arrows (shown as point 2)

3. A Grey Bar

When an item has no start & end date and is not in any of the Kendis program boards, a grey bar is shown

Group by Options

Kendis offers this option to show the data from many different angles. On Timeline, it is especially very useful. By applying Group by options, users can analyze the %completion and related data more easily.

Program Boards

Kendis Program boards can be added to any Timeline. You may select any Program board from your collections. By default, it shows you the current collection.


Timeline settings allow you to select the columns for the listing area. You may add/remove columns and also be able to reorder them.

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