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[January-2023 Release] Smart Reports PDF, Group By Features, Save Filters, Health Checks and Auto Add Features
[January-2023 Release] Smart Reports PDF, Group By Features, Save Filters, Health Checks and Auto Add Features

Release Date: 16 Jan 2023

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We hope that your new year has started well. Kendis teams have been working hard to bring you new features and exciting capabilities. Kendis' short-term roadmap is public, and there are many valuable features, including OKRs, Portfolio Level Batches, Kanbans, Solution Level, and other improvements. You can check the recording of the webinar at

Release Contents

With this new release, Kendis brings the following enhancements and improvements.

  • Automatically check new features that should be added to the board from your agile tool (Jira, ADO)

  • Group by Features on the Board (Azure DevOps Only)

  • Export Smart Reports as PDFs and share via email

  • Save search criteria as My Filters and Quick Filters.

  • Copy Board Improvements (Planning Agenda, Team Capacity, Planning SoS, Program Roles)

  • Export Planning Agenda, Team Capacity, Planning SoS, Program Roles, Confidence Voting Results

  • Health Check to identify the missing team and sprint mappings.

  • Allow Users to disable the notification for to setup personal profile ALM

Other Improvements

  • Group by for Reports

  • The limit on the features fetched from Jira and Azure DevOps has been increased from 150 to 200.

  • Enhancements in Inspect and Adapt (Addition of team dropdown to view comparison between the teams in Program ART graph)

  • Enhancements in Solution Board (Option to Reorder and Change the Prefix)

  • SSO (SAML) updates: Disable the option for non-admin users to log in with Kendis' password.

  • Inclusion of the last login column in the user directory export

Add New Features to Kendis Board

Group by Features in the Backlog (Azure DevOps Only, For Jira coming up in March/2023)

Save Filters

Kendis Enterprise - Self-Hosted Version Details

LATEST Build Updated with bug fixes

Build Version: 7d959dfcb557f80c6810bc834988b7b2940ab4a7


Older Builds

- Build Version: 41cac2360a7b0f7317f082a37cc6230122d60dc5

- Version: 202007-

- Build Version: c1d0bd9a13a415ba5b5dbeb9da507c3e9483f592

- Version: 202007-

- Build Version: cadb22cf15965441cd05819e1850ba619915e1af

- Version: 202007-

How to get the latest version?

An updated version is available at

For any questions, reach out to us at

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