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[September-2022 Release] WSJF Support, Burndown Chart and Smart Reports Improvements
[September-2022 Release] WSJF Support, Burndown Chart and Smart Reports Improvements

Release Date: 28 September 2022

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Kendis new release is available for both Kendis cloud and Kendis Enterprise (Self-hosted) customers. For self-hosted customers, details for the build are available at the end of this release notes.

Kendis focuses more and more on helping different roles at the Program level and above to get value by solving their business problems.

WSJF is an abbreviation of "Weighted Shortest Job First" it's a way of collaboratively prioritizing features based on User-Business Value, Time criticality, Risk Reduction, and Job Size. This methodology is similar to RICE/RAID and is designed by Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®).

The following formulas are used to calculate WSJF.

Kendis supports WSJF calculation for your features. It is a simple yet powerful interface that can help business owners, product managers, and relevant team members collaboratively score the features and understand what the most essential features that need to be worked on first are.

Teams will have an option on their program boards to sort the features by WSJF score.

Kendis product teams have studied many organizations in their ways of working and have devised a unique and powerful way to visualize each of these critical parameters.

Kendis calls it "Comparison Criteria", there are options to create multiple comparison criteria. For each criterion, you will be able to see each parameter, e.g., for Product-x visually, what features have the highest Business Value, what features have the lowest Job size and so on.

Watch this short video to learn how WSJF in Kendis works.

PI-Burndown chart with Team Filter

Getting a burndown chart is easily possible for a sprint in Jira and AzureDevOps. However, if you are after a PI level burndown chart for a specific team or set of teams then it's not possible to get those in your agile tools.

Kendis has enhanced our PI burndown chart, and now you can select a team or set of teams to view their program board. Also, there is a table with the data and all of these data points are clickable to provide the details of the features and stories.

Smart Reports Performance Improvements

Smart reports provide "time-based" data for your PI. You can select a week, month or any specific date range and understand what was done, what scope changes you had, and friendly dashboards for dependencies and objectives.

Earlier smart reports would take a bit of time to load. Our teams have worked hard to improve the performance and loading time for these reports. Go ahead and try that again and share your feedback with us.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Copy as "JQL": For planned and unplanned features at analytics, you can click on the copy icon and the contents will be copied as Jira JQL. This is useful, especially if you want to dig deeper on some of the features that are added to your PI board but are still unplanned.

  • General bug fixing

Kendis Enterprise - Self-Hosted Version Details

Latest Build: Updates with fixes

Build Version: dcbc0eba7f5cd326fd9bd5024c47c89ea3d74e51

Version: 202007-


Older Releases

1) Build Version : 896e2e885d20bd951102849fabdf9ea4b2763bbd

Version: 202007-

2) Build Version : 56a7eac8d5306e045847f5482c66f144c32be28b

Version: 202007-

How to get the latest version?

An updated version is available at

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