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[July-2022 Release] Timeline View and new Burndown, Burnup Charts
[July-2022 Release] Timeline View and new Burndown, Burnup Charts

Release Date: 29 July 2022

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Program Increment or big room planning engages many teams and features. It's not easy to follow the progress of all the features and to understand who is working on what once the planning is done.

With our new feature, "Timeline View," we set the goal to enable organizations to view the program's progress at a glance. Having the dates correctly set for your sprints/iterations is important.

Few important points about this feature

  • Having the dates correctly set for your sprints/iterations is important.

  • "By Sprint" is the default view; feature bars will be expanded based on the stories that are planned in the sprints.

  • In "By Date View," planned stories initially take the sprints' dates. However, you can change their start and end dates as you need

  • Under settings, there are UI options to show shaded areas for Sprints and Feature (to show the stories)

  • Search, and filters work similarly as they do on the main Kendis program board. You can filter, e.g., planned and unplanned features. You may use "Additional fields" from Jira to filter for some specific fields.

  • For Azure DevOps, a new filter is introduced, "Parent," and it is useful if you want to see the features related to a particular Epic. This value is picked up automatically from Azure DevOps when you bring features into the Kendis board.

Burnup and Burndown Charts

Burnups are a great way to understand how well we are doing compared to the expected plans. Traditionally Burndown and Burnups have only two lines, "Plan" and "Actual".

With this new update, there are six lines for these charts

  1. Plan: Sum of story points spread for each sprint. It is a linear line where total story points are divided by a number of sprints. Tracing load is based on each sprint's story points.

  2. Actual: Sum of "Done" story points so far

  3. Committed Load: Sum of Story points at the start of each sprint

  4. Tracking Load: Sum of story points in the tracking state

  5. Planning (Load): This means the sum of story points when the board was in a "Planning" state (Just before it changed to tracking)

  6. Capacity: This is the sum of each team's capacity for the sprints.

If you want to understand how the story points have changed at a PI level between planning and tracking, simply turn off all other lines by clicking on the labels under the graph.

ALM Dependencies (Jira/ Azure DevOps Links) color logic

Dependencies will follow the single color logic. Previously Kendis-only dependencies would change their color based on the dependency status, while ALM links (Jira / Azure DevOps) dependencies would be shown only in Blue line or green if resolved. This will improve the tracking experience for the dependencies created in your team's agile tools. For more information about dependencies, color logic, check this article:

Parent/Epic Field for Azure DevOps

If your features are linked to the Epics in Azure DevOps, then Kendis will pick up the parent or Epic automatically and will show you in the Feature detail view. A new filter allows you to view the features related to particular Epics. This filter also works on the timeline view.

Other Minor Improvements

  • Capacity and Load values will remain the same as they are in Alicanto view, whether you switch to Giffin mode or Phoenix. Previously load and capacity values were changing based on the views in the team area.

  • There is a new role to control who can turn on/off the settings for personal profile ALM.

  • Privacy Statements can be set under customization settings. If it's enabled, users at the login screen will see the link. This is only available for Kendis Enterprise - Self Hosted version.

  • Startup and shutdown scripts (this feature is also related to Kendis Enterprise - Self Hosted version)

Kendis Enterprise - Self Hosted Version Details

Release Details

Build Version : c19e270813ed2d131c0a1afd52553014c983885b


How to get the latest version?

An updated version is available at

SAFe Summit 2022 at Denver, USA

Kendis is a 2022 SAFe Summit Sponsor! If you are attending the Summit this August, why not stop by and greet us at Booth #1

Checkout more details at our Events page:

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