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Release Update: Dependencies enhancements and Integration with AzureDevOps
Release Update: Dependencies enhancements and Integration with AzureDevOps

Release Date: 06 Aug 2020.

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With this release update, the following enhancements are rolled out at Kendis Cloud and Kendis Enterprise Version (self-hosted).

  • Dependencies Integration with AzureDevOps

  • Story to Story dependencies at Kendis board for AzureDevOps

  • View lines at feature cards for story level dependencies (Jira & AzureDevOps)

  • Show Jira only dependencies for stories at View by Sprint and Team

  • Updates to the Smart Reports

  • Improvements and bug fixes

Dependencies Integration with AzureDevOps

Providing the ability to integrate dependencies between Kendis and AzureDevOps has been a popular feature from our customers. Now you can

  • Select the AzureDevOps links for the dependencies

  • Dependencies created at Kendis will be visible in AzureDevOps as links between the items

  • Existing dependencies links in AzureDevOps will be visible at Kendis in "Blue color" lines

Story Level Dependencies at Kendis board for AzureDevOps

It is now possible to create dependencies between

  • Feature to Feature

  • Story to Story

  • Feature to Story

  • Story to Feature

Story to Story dependencies have 3 colors

  • Purple: Open dependency between stories

  • Light Green: Resolved dependency between stories

  • Blue: Dependency created at AzureDevOps

View story level dependencies counts and lines at feature cards

Previously it was not possible to view the counts for the story level dependencies at feature card and if the stories were not expanded then you couldn't see the dependency lines as well. In this release, experience to view the story level dependencies is significantly enhanced. Now there are

  • Count for story level dependencies on the feature card

  • Dependency lines between features when stories are not expanded (to highlight story level dependencies)

Show Jira only dependencies for stories at View by Sprint and Team

Previously Jira only dependencies were only visible at the "Jira Dependencies" tab under the dependencies list view.

With this release story to story dependency will be visible under By Team and By Sprint list view. This gives better visibility for the dependencies that are already created at Jira.

Updates to the Smart Reports

For the "Scope & Delivery Changes" section, there have been major improvements, a couple of graphs highlighted below are renamed to provide clarity on what it means.

  • Feature Added After Planning: This count shows the features that are added to the board after the planning. In case, the feature is not assigned to any teams, it will not show up in the bar chart.

  • Stories Added After Planning: Similar to the features, it shows all the stories that are added to the board. If the stories are assigned to the teams then they will also appear on the bar chart

Bug Fixes

There are a number of other minor enhancements and improvements in the webhook and other areas of the board.

Kendis Enterprise Release (For self-hosted customers)

Self-hosted Kendis Build is updated with the following version
​Build Version: f486bb5ee98675acb109171ab7dbb01f4aca52a3

Minor Releases Updates

After the above major release, following minor releases have been done

  • 06 Aug 2020: Minor bug fixes
    - Dependency Lines rendering on Azure Board when collapsing backlog
    - Info messages updates
    Docker build version
    kendis-2.0-19.6.1a.b-3.0.1: 43988e46d9eed20304570748e62cd0996b1b3ca1

  • 11 Aug 2020: Minor Bug Fixes
    - SAML Login button rendering issue for some customers
    - Dependency List not getting exported due to special characters.
    Docker build version
    kendis-2.0-19.6.1a.b-3.0.1 : 3fee7283ce4fd24a2db23d561b3e66d1f12e9a2e

  • 13 Aug 2020: Additional debug logs for some particular cases
    Docker build version
    kendis-2.0-19.6.1a.b-3.0.1: ebd2e2f237419f2805cbcd0e8b550bd1595b9486

  • 27 Aug 2020: Minor bug fixes
    SSL certificate special cases handling for TFS
    Docker build version
    kendis-2.0-19.6.1a.b-3.0.1: fd0b330c13143935a7f453e2c3e355ab27faa529


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