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Use Kendis with Jira
How to start using Kendis with Atlassian Jira
How to start using Kendis with Atlassian Jira

Step by step guide on integration and creating the boards and connecting to teams and sprints

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Welcome to Kendis. Whether you are first person in your organization to sign up or a new team member already using Kendis, this article will guide you fastest way to get most value out of Kendis and how to use key features. 

Kendis is designed to work together with Atlassian Jira. Our goal is not to replicate what Jira already offers, but to complement the gaps and features that you can't get at Jira for your scaling agile needs.

1. Connect Kendis to Jira

Let's start with explaining how to integrate Kendis with Jira.
Kendis can easily be integrated with Jira and no matter the kind of Jira you are using Kendis can integrate to it easily.

If you face any issues while connecting your Jira to Kendis, please feel free to reach out to us at

2. Create your first Board

Boards are how you organize and plan your program increment (PI), tribes product increment or multiple teams works together. You can visualize work from multiple teams, sprints and dependencies at the single board. Kendis board is flexible and it supports SAFe®, Spotify Tribe Model, Nexus, Scrum @Scale and Scrum of Scrums. You can pick the template you need.

Other main steps to do

  • Create ALM Connection: This is where you either use Kendis Plugin for Jira (Jira Connect) or simply provide your Jira URL, username and API Token / Password

  • Defines Teams

  • Create Sprints

  • Get features from Jira using Filter or JQL

  • Map teams and sprints to Jira boards and sprints

  • Plan your features and stories

  • create dependencies

Check this step by step guide to create boards connected to Jira.

3. Invite Users

If you are the once who signed up at Kendis, then you are "Super Administrator" and you can invite your other team members to join your organization at Kendis.

  • Inviting users from Kendis: Go to settings on left navigation menu and can invite your other team members

  • Auto-join from Jira Plugin: If you have setup Kendis Plugin for Jira, then you can simply allow at settings for your Jira users to join Kendis. They wouldn't require any invitations to join your Kendis organization.

4. Webhook

Kendis works best when you have setup webhooks at Jira. It enables Kendis to update your features and stories at Kendis board automatically. Follow this help article to setup webhook manually.

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