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User Management with Active Directory (LDAP)
User Management with Active Directory (LDAP)

How to manage users and rights with active directory integration

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For Kendis Enterprise Self-Hosted version, it is possible to integrate your enterprise Active Directory for 

  • Authentication: Anyone in your organization can login at Kendis with their Active Directory username and password 

  • Authorization: Access to the boards is controlled by assigning users and groups the rights to the board collections.

Steps to integration are defined in this help article.

Adding Users from LDAP

When you go to "Users" option at "Settings" (from left green panel), you will not see any Create User option.
Once you have successful integration with your LDAP, you can search users from your active directory and directly add them to the board collections.
So in simple words, you only need to set their access rights to the Board Collection at Kendis.
To set the access rights

  • Go to Settings from left green panel

  • Click on the "Board Collection"

  • Click on the Collection name or click on the 3 bars on the right hand side and select "Edit"

  • You will see the existing users who are part of the board collection already. To add more users or groups, type the name of user or groups at the right hand side search box and press enter

  • Click on the "Add" link next to the user or group name and assign the role to add to the board collection.

Automatically Assign Users to Board Collections

If users are not added to any board collection, they will see screen after login that they don't have rights to any boards.
To avoid extra user management overhead, you can follow these

  • Create Board Collection for your relevant Groups in your Active Directory

  • Assign the Group with the default role, e.g, "User" to Board Collection

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