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Release Update: Confidence Voting, Inspect & Adapt and Enhanced Dependencies
Release Update: Confidence Voting, Inspect & Adapt and Enhanced Dependencies

Release Dates: Cloud - 29 March 2021

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With this release, Kendis brings valuable features to help you track your Program Increment.

In this release:

  1. Confidence Voting

  2. Inspect & Adapt

  3. Dependency Enhancements for Azure Board

  4. By Story View on Jira Board

  5. AzureDevOps Integration Improvements
    5.a: Multi AreaPath Support
    5.b: Support for the Queries Folder

  6. Color Palette Updates

  7. Active or Inactive Users Setting through SAML

A more detailed description of these features and the corresponding help links are covered in the next section.

1) Confidence Voting

Confidence voting is an important activity during your PI planning session. With this new Kendis release, you can manage your Confidence voting ceremony with ease.

Kendis offers

  • Ability to do a Confidence voting for the whole Release Train

  • Enable Confidence voting for the selected teams

  • Allow the users in your organization who don't have a Kendis account to participate in the session through a unique secure URL.

1. ) Voting Screen

1.2) Results

More details about how to setup Confidence Voting is available at this help link.

2) Inspect & Adapt

Inspect & Adapt is a common session arranged at the end of the Program Increment to set Business values to your PI Objectives and receive feedback on how to improve things for future PIs.

The following information is available at the Inspect & Adapt view at Kendis

  • Setting the "Actual Value" to your PI Objectives

  • View the Program Delivery Report, to understand what was achieved, how many stories and features changed their original plans

  • Dependencies created and resolved

Besides these reports, some valuable reports are also show the performance of this PI compares to the previous PIs.

In the settings you can select your previous boards and Kendis will show multiple graphs to help you visualize the progress of your Release Trains/Tribes.

Program Performance Report

Program Delivery Report

Program Predictability Matrix

Program Performance Measurements

3) Dependency Enhancements for Azure Board

For AzureDevOps/TFS boards at Kendis, the dependencies experience is redesigned completely. It's a smarter view with better visibility, filtration, and sorting options.

3.1) Create New Dependency View

This view is updated with more options including "Description", Status workflow, responsible, and target resolution date.

Besides these additions, the system is smart to show you the warnings, if you are making dependencies in the reverser order, e.g., feature 101 is in Sprint 3 and it can't be a "Successor" to feature 7, which is in Sprint 2.

If you change the link type to "Predecessor" in this example then the warning will go away.

3.2) Dependencies List View

List view now offers more options in terms of filtering dependencies, sorting them by different orders, and being able to edit and delete dependencies from the list view.

4) By Story View on Jira Board

For team planning and tracking, Kendis now offers the option to view the team board "By Story View". This will show the stories as main cards and the features as a short label on the card.

In this view

  • View stories cards

  • Dependency lines are only for the stories

  • Not possible to create new stories, you would need to switch to normal view and create stories under the selected feature.

5) AzureDevOps Integration Improvements

5.a) Multi AreaPath Support

It has been a high-demand feature to support the multiple area paths at the team mapping.

With this release, you will be able to

  • Select multiple area paths for the team

  • Select the default area path for the drag n drop action (Moving story card from one team to another)

5.b) Support for the Queries Folder

It is now possible to navigate the full tree for your queries stored in your AzureDevOps account.

6) Color Palette Updates

It is now possible to select any color for your cards and the text. It has now following options

  • Set of color options for the darker shades

  • Set of color options for the lighter shades

  • "More Colors": Select from a range of colors or type a color code.

7) Active or Inactive Users Setting through SAML

Kendis offers "Just in Time" provisioning when new users log in at Kendis through SSO. However, if the users don't have any matching groups then for security reasons they don't have access to any boards, but they would consume your Kendis license, prompting your organization Kendis admin to go to the Users directory to remove all the extra users.

To make it simpler, the admin can set the flow so that any user that comes to Kendis without a valid SAML/AD group, will be added as an inactive user. They will be shown in the Users list as inactive and will not consume any license. Once you assign them to any of the board collections and activate them, the users will be able to use Kendis.

Kendis Enterprise Version (For self-hosted customers)

  • 21 April 2021: Main release update
    Self-hosted Kendis Build is updated with the following version
    Version: 202007-3.2.1-pp
    Build Version: 7d1d83168a46c99940020e0c71f061eca8306ea6
    Direct download
    Linux installation

  • 26 April: Few minor fixes
    Version: 202007-3.2.1-pp
    Build Version: 9558e8740a0fd4fa534a73672ec1ba38d30a817d

  • 03 May: Fix for the Solution board Parent Link
    Version: 202007-3.2.1-pp

    Build Version: f6bf66fc953916932d9d49c174c2d0a8b24f544c

  • 05 May: Fixes for the Due Date changes
    Version: 202007-3.2.1-pp
    Build Version: 4a77aeb8c18f07596b658914f8aeb5b935bf5576

  • 18 May: Fixes for the empty user field, Board level admin can manage Confidence Voting, Inspect & Adapt and few other fixes
    Version: 202007-3.2.1-pp
    Build Version: ea9c87c2aad3cedced9cfe4219d4279da3eea931

  • 20 May: Fix for the AzureDevOps API changes related to Tokens (Authorization error)
    Version: 202007-3.2.1-pp
    Build Version: 9d3b1645093540265da9b5f6d2887bc668d3a0d4

  • 28 June: Fix for the Phoenix mode teams and sprints not showing and for the By Story View display fixes for the story points.
    Version: 202007-
    Build Version: b4644a20fb7f0da4d04171b863a07a7a1c52bcf0

  • 27 July: Fix for special scenario for ALM user changes
    Version: 202007-
    Build Version: d958dff6b98d52f533a35a03bed732ebed7f2352

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