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Release Notes: Redesigned Analytics, Compare Sprint Contents with Jira/AzureDevOps and Start/End Sprints in Kendis
Release Notes: Redesigned Analytics, Compare Sprint Contents with Jira/AzureDevOps and Start/End Sprints in Kendis

Release Date (Cloud): 11 Oct 2021, Self-hosted: 25/28 Oct 2021

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Kendis aims to make tracking of PI execution super simple for everyone. The challenge for RTEs and other program-level roles is enormous in terms of keeping track of what was planned, what has changed, and what caused the delay of a feature.

In this Kendis release, the following features are rolled out.

  1. Redesigned Analytics

  2. Compare Kendis Sprint Contents with Jira/AzureDevOps Sprints

  3. Start/End Sprint

Details about each of these features are explained in the following sections.

1. Redesigned Analytics

With this new Kendis release, analytics are redesigned to bring key information to the fingertips of the users.

Analytics view is divided into the following sections

  • Summary

  • Delivery by Features

  • Delivery by Teams

  • Delivery by Sprint

  • Progress by Team

1.1 Summary Section

It's the same as older analytics, the only difference being the team and feature progress charts moved to the "Delivery by Teams" section.

1.2 Delivery by Features

This section focuses on the following key points

  • Scope Changes

  • Delivery Variations

  • Planned Features View by Team and Sprints

More details are available at the help portal.

1.3 Delivery by Teams

The delivery by teams section in Analytics focuses on providing the progress by teams from multiple different dimensions including

  • Progress by Feature

  • Team Progress by Stories and Story Points (Estimate)

  • Feature Progress (by story)

  • Cumulative data of Teams Planning

  • Individual team progress

More details are available at the help portal.

1.4 Delivery by Sprints

This section is the same as older analytics.

1.5 Progress by Team

This section is focused on a single team at a time. It provides an overview for

  • Sprint by sprint team capacity, load, committed load, and done story points

  • Scope changes (Planning vs Tracking state)

  • Progress Charts

  • Stories list view with the highlights to show the estimate and sprint variations

More details are available at the help portal.

2. Compare Jira/Azure Sprints

Often in the case of Jira sprints integrated to Kendis, there are differences in the load at Kendis sprint and in Jira. The main reason is some of the stories are in Jira/AzureDevOps sprints but they are not at Kendis.

With this new capability, you can run a comparison between Kendis sprint contents and Jira/AzureDevOps sprint.

3. Start/End Sprints

The reason to start the sprint in Kendis is to set the baseline contents for each sprint at Kendis and provide information for tracking of changes and spill over contents.

Kendis Enterprise Version

This release is not yet available for Kendis Enterprise (Self-hosted) customers.

  • 02 November 2021: Main release update
    Self-hosted Kendis Build is updated with the following version
    Build Version: 5b6f103f9be004583c99bd3c990d54d21f01097d
    Direct download
    Linux installation

Upcoming Releases

We are eagerly awaiting to bring some more cool features to the hands of our customers. For the short term roadmap, our teams are focusing on

  • Scrum of Scrums View

  • Enhanced Dependencies for Jira Board

  • WSJF Support

For any feedback, reach out to us at

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